You stumble across an enchanting seaside grotto...

welcome! you can call me nymph, mavka or havi (or any of the names that are in my rentry)! i am the owner of this picturesque little grotto, and all i ask is that you enjoy your stay! i'm not really good with coding at all so the site looks a little weird in places, but hopefully it is still readable. let me know if it isn't!

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Date: 02/17/24 || Mood: doing ok

here are my latest updates!

right now life is a crushing tidal wave, but i know it will calm down at least slightly in a few weeks when we complete our move (my first time living out of my home state! how crazy) but right now it is absolutely hectic.


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welcome, weary web traveler!

this is my personal site, to be my cozy home that's mine and mine alone :) please enjoy your stay!




here's a little tune to send you along your journey with :)


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heres a nice vid ferret mom and her tiny babies
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